Chapter 1 -- Introduction
Overview of Program Features
Compatible Browsers
How Do I Disable a Pop-Up Blocker?
Troubleshooting File Downloads
Adobe® Acrobat® for Federal Filers
How Do I Make PACbuilder Work Properly After Installing Adobe Reader 7.0?
Efile4 for Federal Filers
File Sharing
Technical Support
Timeout Control
Helpful Hints
Chapter 2 -- Learning the Database
Identifying Yourself
Changing My Password
User Interface
Navigating Records
Adding New Records
How Do I Add a New Contact Record?
Deleting Records
User Information
Logging Off
Chapter 3 -- Menus
Overview of Menu System
File Menu: Summary
View Menu: Summary
Search Menu: Summary
Reports Menu: Summary
Tools Menu: Summary
Help Menu: Summary
Chapter 4 -- Main Data Entry
Overview of Data Entry Basics
Main Page Information
Quick Entry
Contact Quick List
Copy Options
How Do I Choose the Type of a Committee or PAC?
Chapter 5 -- Codes
Overview of Codes
Code Types
Code Tables & Editing Codes
Entering Codes
Batch Add/Remove/Edit Codes
Add Code Popup
Chapter 6 -- Contributions
Overview of Contributions
How Do I Record a Payroll Deduction?
How Do I Show Past Cycle Contribution Summary Totals?
Contribution Entry
Basic Contribution
Transaction ID
In-Kind Contributions
In-Kind Partnerships
Bounced Checks
Earmarked Contributions
Reattributions & Redesignations
Debt Retirement
Joint Fundraiser
Payroll Deductions
Tally Members
Unitemized Transactions
Entering Limits
How Do I Update Contribution Limits?
Chapter 7 -- Disbursements
Overview of Disbursements
Disbursement Entry
Basic Disbursement
Credit Card Entries
Payroll & Reimbursements
In-Kind Contributions Given
How Do I Enter a Voided Disbursement Check?
Chapter 8 -- Debts, Loans, Allocation and Independent Expenditures
Overview of Debts & Loans
Entering Debts/Obligations Owed By the Committee
Entering Debts/Obligations Owed to the Committee
Overview of Loans
Loans Received
Loans Made
Independent Expenditures
H1 Methods
H2 Ratios
H3 Transfer
Chapter 9 -- Giving History, Notes, Calls, Pledges, Targets, Field, Volunteer and Mail pages
Overview of Giving History, Notes, Calls, Pledges, Targets, Field, Mail pages
Notes Page
Batch Add Notes
Calls Page
Batch Add Calls
Batch Schedule Pledge Call Sheet
Pledges Page
Batch Add Pledges
Targets Page
Batch Add Targets
Mail Page
Batch Add Mailings
Field Page
Batch Add Field Activity
Volunteer Page
Batch Add Volunteers
Giving History Page
Chapter 10 -- Households
Overview of Households
Adding a Household
Choosing an Existing Household
Editing an Existing Household
Household Utility
Chapter 11 -- Events
Overview of Events
Creating a New Event
Editing an Existing Event
Adding An Event to a Contact
Batch Add/Remove Events
Chapter 12 -- Links
Overview of Links
Creating Linked Records
Chapter 13 -- Searching
Overview of Searching
Find All Records
Quick Find
Find By Main Codes
Find By Zip Codes
Find By Birthdate
Find By Notes
Find Changed Records
Find Linked Records
Invert Selection
Find By Contributions
Find By Disbursements
Find By Pledges
Other Financial Searches
Comparative Analysis
Find By Source Codes
Find By Giving History
Find By Batch
Find By Events...
Find By One Event
Find By Nametags
Find By Multiple Events
Find By Field Activity
Find By Targets
Find By Calls
Find By Mail
Find By Email
Find By Volunteer
Search Criteria
What Can I Do When My Search Is Too Large?
Chapter 14 -- Complex Searches
Overview of Complex Searches
Create a New Search
Using Existing Searches
Wildcard in Searches
Summary of Build Advanced Search
Chapter 15 -- Lists
Overview of Lists
Using Lists
Limit User To Selection
Chapter 16 -- Sorting
Overview of Sorting Records
Sorting Records
Sorting on Multiple Fields
Chapter 17 -- Exports
Overview of Exports
Mail Merge Export
Microsoft Word Mail Merge Documentation
Why Does Mail Merge Export Fail When Household is Selected?
Mail Merge Quick Guide
Mail Merge (Word 97-2000)
Mail Merge (Word XP)
Mailing Labels
Build from Main Export
Build To Order
Fax Export
Nametag Export
Importing into WinFax
What Do I Do if an Error Occurs When Exporting A Report to Microsoft Word or Excel?
Chapter 18 -- Imports
Overview of Imports
Imports Quick Guide
Important Import Notes
Import Data
Why Does My Import Fail When Importing Into the Bio Field?
ActBlue Import
How Do I Download ActBlue data and Import it into PACbuilder?
Chapter 19 -- Reports
Overview of Reports
Report Library
Call Sheets
How Do I Print CallSheets?
Build Main Report
Build Advanced Report
Call Report
Event Reports
Financial Reports
Contribution Reports
How Do I Run a Report by Attribution Code?
Disbursement Reports
Batch Analysis
Batch Listings
Pledge Reports
Field Reports
Volunteer Reports
State Reports
Data Integrity Reports
Report Manager
Recurring Report
Printing Reports
How Do I Print a Report?
Chapter 20 -- FEC Reports
Overview of FEC Reports
Electronic Filing
Preparing to Generate FEC Report
Setting up the FEC Report
Entering FEC Report Form Information
Generating the FEC Report
Viewing the FEC Report
How Do I Install the FEC Viewer?
Transmitting the FEC Report
Easy Links Guide
How Links Work Chart
Sample Password Request Letter
Common FEC Filing Error Messages
What are the Previous 11ai and 11aii Boxes on my FEC Report?
How Do I Get the Correct Address to Display on the FEC Report?
How Do I Search for Contribution Aggregates?
How Do I Display Dates Outside of the Report Date Range on the FEC Report?
How Do I Enter an Independent Expenditure as Debt?
How Do I Electronically File (Upload) my FEC Report?
Which Numbers Should be in Column B on the Post-General Report Summary Page?
When Do I File a Form 3Z-1?
What Do I Do if Joint Fundraiser Memos Are Not Showing Up on Line 12?
How Do I Enter a Back Door Password for an FEC Filing Amendment?
Other FEC Forms
F1 -- Statement of Organization
F1M -- Notification of Multi-Candidate Status Report
F2 -- Statement of Candidacy
F5 -- Independent Expenditure Report
F6 -- 48-Hour Report
F24 -- 48-Hour Report
F99 -- Miscellaneous Text
Chapter 21 -- User Configuration Management
Overview of User Configuration Management
Add a New User
How Do I Add Extra Users After Reaching the 20 User Limit?
Edit/Delete an Existing User
Chapter 22 -- Tools Menu Functions
Overview of Tools Menu
Batch Add/Remove Tools
Batch Email Opt-In
PAC Research
PAC Quick Find
PAC Find by Itemized Transactions
PAC Find by Financial Summary
PAC Reports
Combine Duplicates
Combining Duplicates Quick Guide
Synchronize with Outlook
Check Reminders
Global Replace
Add/Remove OmitFlag
Add/Remove Mark
Switch Identity
Run Function
Chapter 23 -- Other File Menu Functionality
List of Letters
Campaign Preferences
Data Section
View Section
User Fields Section
Summary Information Calculation and Data Entry Section
User Restriction Section
My Preferences
How Do I Change the Default Cycle (Year)?
How Do I Change the Default Period?
Election Cycle Setup
API Preferences
Memo Text
Chapter 24 -- Other Functionality
Using Help
ShortCut Keys
Chapter 25 -- PACbuilder and QuickBooks
Overview of QuickBooks
Is PACbuilder QuickBooks Import Module Compatible with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for Mac?
How Do I Correct a Missing Fields Message When Importing QuickBooks?
Export from QuickBooks
Import the QuickBooks Transactions
Chapter 26 -- Broadcast Email
How Do I Build My Own HTML Borders?
How Do I Find Contacts with a ".edu" or ".gov" E-mail Address?
How Do I Carbon Copy (cc) a List of E-Mail Addresses?
Broadcast E-mail Quick Guide
Broadcast Email Statistics
Opting In Your E-mail List
Chapter 27 -- Contribution Web Package
Does the Contribution Web Package Overwrite Existing Data, If There is a Match?
What is the Match Merge Criteria for Submissions through the Contribution Web Package?
Why Does My CWP Volunteer Form Say it is "Under Construction"?
How Do I Upload a Logo or Graphic Banner as Header to My CWP Forms?
How Do I Add a Link to a Printable Form?
Will Manually Recurring Contributions Create a Pledge in PACbuilder?
How Can I Insert a Signature or Graphic Into the Contribution Thank You E-mail?
Can I Generate A Link Encoded with a Unique Source Code?
How Do I Refund a Transaction or Issue a Credit?
Auto Delayed Capture Quick Guide
Online Events Quick Guide
Recurring Contributions Quick Guide
Verisign (PayPal) Payflow Pro Manager Guide

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